Truthery Juices

Health starts from within, with nutrients that reflect the raw goodness of mother nature.

We create 100% cold pressed nutritional products using only raw ingredients that are sourced locally from sustainable farms who share our values. This means no heat or added preservatives and only using raw, authentic, non-conventionally farmed ingredients that don’t impact the environment or community negatively.


All our products undergo two important phases of production before receiving our 100% Cold Pressed Nutrition stamp of approval. The first is sourcing the highest quality, non-conventionally farmed, fresh ingredients from sustainable farms in South Africa which are cleaned thoroughly using only natural and organic cleaning materials. Once cleaned, we follow a strict cold chain of supply to ensure improved flavour and shelf life.

In the second phase, we take the bottled products through a cold pasteurisation technique called high pressure processing, where the sealed bottles are placed into a chamber filled with water and subjected up to 6000 bars of pressure (more pressure than the deepest part of the ocean). This ensures almost zero living microbial content, protecting Truthery’s raw goodness and allowing us to offer 100% cold pressed FRESH nutrition rather than frozen.