Organic Lactose-Free Vanilla Yoghurt 1kg


St. Dairy, Heavenly Organic Cheese & Yogurt


The name “St.Dairy” resonates our values and beliefs. We cherish purity, naturalness, innocence.

We believe there is a need to go back to the roots of cheese and yogurt making. The way Cheeses and Yogurts have been made centuries ago, using good wholesome natural ingredients uncontaminated by artificial additives.

We don’t add starch, gelatine, or preservatives to any of our products, thereby giving the consumer a product, which embodies this belief that we hold.

  • St. Dairy products are made using only 100% Jersey Milk and Natural ingredients.
  • Protein based
  • Live Probiotic Cultures


  • St. Dairy yogurt (thick and creamy) is hand-made from yummy, healthy ingredients and a generous dose of live probiotic cultures.
  • Lactose Free
  • Protein based yogurt
    •  (we do not use starch or gelatine to stabilize our yogurt)
  • Fruit preparation is made to our specifications 100% Natural ingredients
    •  (we do not sweeten our natural yogurt to cut down on fruit and mask with a flavour)
    • (our yogurt has real fruit with chunks)
  • Our yogurts are made the old traditional way as it was done in Germany.
  • No artificial colourants, No artificial additives, No preservatives, No artificial sweeteners, No starches or gelatine
  • Free from anti-biotics and rbst hormones
    •  (commonly used to fortify growth and milk yield)
  • do not contain any peanuts and/or nuts

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