Cold Pressed – Immunity Shot (100ml)


per Bottle.




Immunise your body with the immune boosting forces of Beta – Carotene and Vitamins A & C found in the Immunity Shot. A strong immune system is the key to optimal health which is why this immune boosting shot, high in Antioxidants and Iron strengthens the body’s resistance to infections and wards off harmful bacteria and increases our ability to heal wounds faster.


• Rich in Beta – Carotene which is crucial for improving immunity

• Carrots are one of the highest contributors of vitamin A

• High in Antioxidants that ward off harmful bacteria & viruses

• Increases skins ability to heal wounds & infections faster.

• Reduces the severity of common cold infections

• Maintains blood pressure levels

• Rich in Vitamin C essential for the immune system

• Facilitates the absorption of iron – strengthening the body’s resistance to infection

• Helps remove heavy metals and toxins from the blood stream.

• Stimulates white blood cells