Urban Foods Grocery

Get the best quality fresh food at the most affordable prices

We stock Urban Foods Grocery Shop with fresh produce and products from a variety of farmers and markets who share our values to ensure that only the best quality is delivered to you and your family. Now, you can enjoy daily home deliveries of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, meat, cold pressed juices, deli items, and more to your door within 48 hours.

Please note that deliveries are free for orders over R500 in Gauteng.

The order process:

1. Visit our Shop
2. Fill your Basket
3. Proceed to Checkout
4. Create your Account
5. Make a payment via our Safe Payment Portal (Payfast)
6. Receive your order Confirmation Email
7. Wait for Delivery

Health and safety is our main priority:

Our facility adheres to the FSSC 22000 International Food Management system. This means that we adhere to the strictest global health, safety and hygiene conditions. Additionally, our vehicles and kitchens undergo a daily deep clean.

For more information please email: brendon@urbanfoods.co.za

Areas we deliver in:


1. The order form won’t submit?

Please ensure you have entered all your details into the required fields marked with an asterisks (*).

2. I don’t see the items I want?

Please email your list of items that you’d like to see stocked to lubo@urbanfoods.co.za and we’ll consider sourcing the product if we get enough requests.

3. Can’t seem to make payment?

Please contact brendon@urbanfoods.co.za to arrange for alternative payment methods.

4. I didn’t get a confirmation email?

Please check your spam or junk folder and any tabs in your inbox.

5. My order has not arrived/ was incomplete / was incorrect?

We can help resolve your issue pronto, just alert us by emailing palesa@urbanfoods.co.za.

6. I got items I didn’t order?

Got celery instead of cauliflower? No problem, just alert us by emailing palesa@urbanfoods.co.za.

7. Produce quality issues - items that were poor quality?

Items that were poor quality will be credited with your next delivery, so please alert us by emailing palesa@urbanfoods.co.za

8. Driver or delivery issues?

For any issues with your delivery or the driver, please alert us by emailing dispatch@urbanfoods.co.za.

9. Banking details?

Account number 116 429 7562
Branch 198765

10. Why don’t you deliver to my area?

We want everyone to have access to fresh, quality grocery items and have expanded our fleet to 20 delivery vehicles. However, this still limits us to cover only certain areas. Please contact lubo@urbanfoods.co.za if you feel that we should be covering your area and we will definitely consider it if we get enough demand.

11. Is there a refund policy?

If you’re unhappy about the quality of any item delivered, please alert us by emailing palesa@urbanfoods.co.za. We’ll gladly pass a credit to your next delivery.

12. How do I speak to an owner?

You are welcome to contact the owners if you want to speak to someone or feel that your query hasn’t been handled to your expectations. Please email  brendon@urbanfoods.co.za or basil@urbanfoods.co.za or lubo@urbanfoods.co.za.